Office of the Director General
The office of the DG role is to perform Policy setting and to ensure that there are effective linkages among and within departments, which will strengthen internal systems, controls, improve co-ordination and communication for effective performance of the Authority 

Medicines Control
The Department is responsible for effectively managing the registration of products and undertaking of post marketing, post licensing surveillance and control of conduct of Clinical trials in order to achieve compliance to statutory regulations.

Laboratory Services 
The directorate of Laboratory Services is responsible for the effective providing of specialized Laboratory services in order to guarantee the quality, efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products thereby safeguarding public health.

Corporate affairs 
The Directorate of Corporate affairs is responsible for managing the human, financial, administrative and logistical support services in order to enhance operations of the Authority. The Directorate is also responsible for providing Secretarial and legal services to the Authority in order to ensure compliance to the medicines and allied substances legislation.