The ZAMRA Board at its 8th Board Meeting approved guidelines on Operation Health Shops and guidelines Good Distribution Practices. These guidelines are intended to guide user on thematic areas as follows:

  1. Health Shop Guidelines: These guidelines are intended to provide information to persons intending to operate Health shops. The documents describes the procedures for applying for the Health shop permits and the conditions to be fulfilled in order to be granted the permit. Other topics in the guidelines include facilities in the Health shop, record keeping disposal of unwanted/expired medicines and allied substances. It also outline responsibilities of dispensers, shop owners and responsible persons.  Additionally the prescribed list and recommended pack sizes for each medicine are also included.
  1. Good Distribution Practices: these guidelines are intended for manufacturers, importers, wholesaler, medicines and allied substances warehousing entities, retail and hospital pharmacies.  The document sets out appropriate steps to assist in fulfilling the responsibilities involved in the different aspects of the distribution process within the supply chain and to avoid the introduction of substandard and falsified medicines and allied substances into the marketplace via the distribution chain. The relevant sections should be considered by various participants as applicable to the particular role that they play in the distribution of medicines and allied substances.

The two guidelines are made pursuant to Section 68 of the Medicines and Allied Substances Act, 2013.

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