Decentralization of operations as close as possible to the community will bring about reduced cost of undertaking pharmaceutical businesses by easing  access to services that would require physical contact with the ZAMRA  Head Office based in Lusaka,”  said Livingstone  District Commissioner James Zimba . The District Commissioner was speaking when he officially opened the ZAMRA Southern Province Sub Regional Office at a ceremony held on 28th September 2017 in Livingstone.

Mr. Zimba stated that the opening of the office in Livingstone will allow stakeholders and the general public to access ZAMRA services quickly.  He said the office will facilitate importation of medicines and allied substances as well as carryout inspections of various pharmaceutical businesses.

“It is our expectation as a Government that this will curb illegal sale of medicines in unlicensed places and also ensure compliance to expected standards in licensed facilities.” He said.

The District Commissioner encouraged pharmaceutical business owners to take advantage of the presence of ZAMRA in Livingstone to ensure that their businesses are compliant to the requirements of the law.

 Speaking at the same function ZAMRA Board Chairperson Hon. Christina Mulundika said, ZAMRA is expected to decentralize some its operations to Provinces and Districts in order to increase the scope and coverage, thereby enhancing service provision and increased access to quality, safe and effective medicines and allied substances.

And ZAMRA Director General Mrs. Bernice Mwale said, The Livingstone office was strategically setup to service the Ports of Entry at Victoria Falls, Kazungula and Katima Mulilo boarders as well as the Harry Mwanga Nkubula International Airport. She said the proximity of the office to some districts both in Southern and Western Provinces will make it convenient for stakeholders in these areas to access ZAMRA services.

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